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The “Leaders in Diaspora” is a leadership workshop designed to highlight and inform on the practical nuances of leading in the Diaspora with emphasis on critical leadership qualities for the 21st Century Leaders in Diaspora. The workshop will focus on the changing leadership landscape, how to develop a change mindset that is built upon the premise of embracing change, becoming culturally aware, adaptable and flexible. This is an ideal workshop for change agents, changemakers, policy leaders, entrepreneurs, team leaders, community organizations, nonprofits and diaspora networks seeking to enhance their leadership capability and capacity. This course will be offered online by Flo Falayi, Ph.D(c), PMP CEO of Resources Miners Group, LLC and founder of Hybrid Leaders, Inc.



In this hour long session, participants will:

  • Learn more about Globalization and Change
  • Learn the keys to effective leadership
  • Discover leadership insights for the 21st Century

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